Security Officer Steven

Earth/LA Mother Ship— Security


Entry: Prine, Andrew
Nickname: Steven
Rank: Lieutenant
Species: Sirian Male
Age: 68
Height: 5’9″
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Place of Birth Jennings FL, North America, Earth
Date of Birth: Year of our leader 1936
Languages: Sirian and English
Hobbies: N/A
Family: Uknown
Service Reco
1950-1955 Sirian Military Academy Student
1956-1970 Sirian Military Operations
1970-1980 Sirian Military Command
1980-1981 Monercerous Security
1982-1983 Mothership 2 Ship Security
1983-1984 Los Angeles LA Security Operations
Criminally Nagligent at the LA Medical Center. Which lead to the defacing of Supreme Commander John.
Personal Details: Steven was head of Ship security and is a close subordinate of both Diana and Supreme Commander John. Steven helps plan the methodology in which Earth scientists are ostracized and rounded up. Steven furthers the Visitor lie about needing earthly chemicals by personally overseeing a refinement plant owned by Arthur Dupress. While courting humans in power, he gains valuable allies for the Visitor cause including Eleanor Dupress who wins particular favor for turning in Sancho a man who helped smuggle scientists out of Los Angeles.Steven was given the position to head the security for Visitor Los Angeles operations. He commands the security forces of a Visitor food processing plant. Along with his subordinate Jake and Visitor security forces they watch as Resistance forces attempt an attack but are quickly sent heading for the hills. To Steven there was no glory in routing such meager forces. When Supreme Commander John speaks in Los Angeles, Steven oversees security.

After the resistance unmasks John on national television, Diana exclaims that Steven has ”been criminally negligent and will be held accountable.” Steven does get back at Diana, when Diana’s little human dupe, Kristine Walsh is found wandering into secured Visitor areas.

On V-Day, when Donovan’s mother realized she’d been lied to all along and attempted to warn the attacking Resistance force, Steven shot her in the back. Ham Tyler personally made sure that Steven paid for his evils, and watched as Steven died from a massive dose of Red Dust.

Additional Details: None.


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