Dave Stock

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The Fifth Column /Utah Mother Ship — Command.


Entry: Stock, Dave
Nickname: Big Guy
Rank: Inspector General
Species: Sirian Male
Age: 35
Height: 6’1″
Service #: 196-96
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Place of Birth Sirius IV
Date of Birth: Year of our Leader 1953
Languages: Sirian and Human English
Hobbies: Sci-Fi
Family: Parents: Father and Mother: Dead
Service Record:
1963-1969 Sirius IV Civilian
1970-1972 22nd Skyfighter Suport Military
1972-1975 43rd Tactical Support Military
1975-1976 Mother Ship Skyfighter Pilot
1977-1978 I.G.C. Defender
1978-1980 I.G.C. Prosecutor
1981-1983 Monercerous Inspector General
1983-1986 Pamela’s Mother Ship Inspector General
1986-95 Earth Inspector General
1996-PRES Utah, Earth Ambassador
Distinguished Flying Cross, the Leader’s Meritorious Conduct citation, Exemplary Conduct Service Ribbon, Tactical Unit citation, Recruiting Members ribbon, Founder.
1976-Removed from flight status
Details before Earth: Dave was hatched on the Year of our leader October 25th, 1963 as an only child of Kaleb-Har. When Dave was six years of age, his father, a Shuttle aviator was shot down on a mission in Spartec on the Eve of Ramalon, and is considered MIA (Missing in Action) since then.When Dave turned 16 he and a friend traveled secretly to Spartec in hope to find his father. He returned without success. In Spartec he fell in love with a girl, Cindie. She was killed before his eyes.

Dave decided to step in his father’s footsteps and joined the Sirian Military. Dave. Is a graduate of the Sirian Military Academy, upon his commissioning he qualified for flight training? Dave excelled as a shuttle pilot.

Dave Proved many time he was a loyal Sirian. Many battles did help win for his leader. Many worlds he helped gain for his Leader. Dave was cited many time for his role in battles and special operations.

He was later stationed on a Mother Ship. After a year onboard, Dave crashed his shuttle in the Hanger bay; his Gunner did not survive the crash. Night blindness was the diagnosis and he cleared of any fault in the accident. But he was still removed from flight status. Dave spent a few months with his paternal Elders on Sirius IV.

After a time with his Elders Dave decided to become a law specialist. Between wars Dave attended Sirian law school and was transferred to the Leader’s I.G.C. (Inspector General Corps). After showing the same passion for law has he had as a pilot.

During his time with I.G. he found out that his father had survived at Spartec, but died years ago in Tuka, where he had lived with a Tukan family. Dave traveled to Tuka and learned about and got to know his half-brother Skratch.

After getting back home Dave was attached to a special court that was taking care of disloyal Sirians. Rumors had starting going around about a plan the Leader was putting together. These rumors had started even before Dave left for Tuka.

The Supreme Leader was putting forth a task force to take control of a planet in the SOL system. Seemed the leader was very intent on getting this planet. Some members of the I.G.C. were sent to Monercerous, A huge staging area of 50 Mother Ships. Dave was not sent to Monercerous till after the fleet had departed for Earth.

After the Sirian people were officially told what the Leader had in mind, there were out breaks of disloyalty towards the leader. Most of the population agreed what the Leader had devised was the proper action. But then there were others who did not.

When Dave and his former partner, Ensign Stuffers investigated on a Mother Ship that reported back to Monercerous, his skills as a pilot were needed; on a mission the Pilot of the shuttle they were on was shot and injured and Harm, the co-pilot, had to land the shuttle. He made it and gained his flight status back. He also earned the Distinguished Flying Cross by the Leader.

Dave was sent to Earth on Squadron Commander Pamela’s Mother Ship. Supreme Commander John was having a difficult time with the Terrans. Seems his true nature of his mission had been found out by the Earthlings and were defending their planet rather well. They even managed to deface him on a National broadcast.

Additional details: Dave has had three I.G. partners during his time in the Inspector General Corps. Commander Detrick, Ensign Meg, and Lieutenant (j.g.) Stuffers.
Hail: Ambassador


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