This is the brain of Starbase 400, Operations. From here, the Command crew runs the station, keeps in communication with ships in the sector, keeps an eye on any ship leaving the sector, and choreographs the docking and departures of vessels from the station. Ops is a big place, taking up most of Section A1 Level 1. It’s over twice the size of the bridge aboard a Galaxy Class vessel.

1 Turbolift 1
2 Tactical 1
3 Communications
4 Docking Control
5 Main View Screen
6 Damage Control
7 Tactical 2
8 Turbolift 2
9 Strategic Operations / Intelligence
10 Ladies’ Head
11 Marine Operations
12 Executive Officer’s Office
13 Crew/Enlisted Lounge
14 Transporter Bay 2
15 Briefing Room
16 Transporter Bay 1
17 Officer Lounge
18 Commanding Officer’s Office
19 Engineering / Operations
20 Men’s Head
21 Science
22 Master Situation Display and Holographic Interface

Ops has two turbolifts flanking the main area. In the center is a Master Situation Display which shows vessels within the sector. However, this can be changed as needed. In the front is a large view screen that’s slightly raised. Surrounding the room are several stations for the crew.

Alpha 0800-1700
Beta 1700-2600
Delta 2600-0800

Most Senior Officers are on the Alpha Shift, but can be assigned to another shift for various reasons. As per Starfleet regulations, a Red Alert situation requires the Senior Staff be called on-duty.




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