SIRIAN ACADEMY ”quests” are ONLY available to members (in good standing) of: the VISITOR’S FIFTH COLUMN, An International V Fan Club. And hold no actual non fictional educational purpose.

Cost of Taking Sirain Academy Courses:

ALL Academy quests can be taken online by email or online free of charge to members of good standing with the VISITOR’S FIFTH COLUMN.


1. Academy quests are for members in good standing of the Visitor’s Fifth Column, an International V Fan Club. only. Non members and members not in good standing are prohibited from taking these courses.

2. If a member does not have Internet/Email access, his/her CO/XO or designated educational officer may obtain quest materials (which include the exams) and any other information contained in the Academy; HOWEVER, this does not allow anyone, not even the CO/XO, to give out answers to the student. It will be considered cheating if any person gives or receives answers or assistance.

Cheating is defined as:

a) an individual copying answers from another individual’s exam and trying to pass it off as his/her own work;

b) an individual giving answers to another individual so he/she can pass it off as his/her own work; and/or

c) an individual receiving or giving answers for exams in a public setting such as a discussion list.


If an Academy Director suspects that cheating has taken place, he/she will notify the Academy Directorate and the Directorate and Inspector General will present evidence of said cheating. Evidence may be chat logs, BBS posts, comparison of exam answers, or other evidence that answers have been shared. The Inspector General will then investigate the evidence, and if the charge of cheating can be substantiated, the Directorate shall notify the individual(s) involved, as well as thier chapter’s CO, as to the charges and evidence using the same method that they had submitted their exam. Individuals suspected of cheating will be given the opportunity to explain their actions, that period being no longer than twenty-one (21) days from the date of notification if contacted via E-Mail or no longer than sixty (60) days from the date of notification if contacted by postal mail. If it is proven that cheating did indeed take place, the individual(s) and thier chapter CO will be notified that a FAIL will be placed in the Database for those who were cheating. If any individual accused of cheating wishes to appeal, he/she may do so starting with the next step in the chain of command: their Commanding Officer.


The student will be allowed to take an alternate exam for the particular exam he/she cheated on, upon request, and after a 90-day suspension from said exam. The student will receive only a grade of PASS after successful completion of the alternate exam.


If a 2nd offense of cheating occurs, the individual(s) involved will be suspended from taking academy classes for six months.


Fictional Death. Basically your not Sirian material. No more V Quests for you.

1. An individual who has already successfully taken and passed an Academy quest and who is proven to have shared answers will not receive a failing grade on a course they have already successfully completed, however will still be subject to the same consequences and have the same opportunities for appeal in terms of suspensions.

2. Assistance given to others in the taking of the Academy Quests is limited to help in reading, translating, or data input (person taking the course must supply all answers)

3. The time frame to complete Academy exams is 1 week from the date the exam is mailed, reflected by the mailing envelope’s postmark or date sent via email. Directors have wide latitude as to how strictly to enforce this deadline. Points are sometimes deducted on late exams if no extension has been requested and granted. Outstanding exams are invalid after 6 months. A student must reapply with the stated tuition fee (if any), to complete the quest.


Provisions for students who, for compelling reasons, find they cannot complete exams on time. To get an extension, a student may request it in writing and include a Self-Addressed, stamped Envelope (SASE) or via e-mail, citing the reason the extension is needed. Extensions (usually 1week) are by Director’s discretion. Up to two extensions may be granted per exam.


No person shall attend a class or meeting with the odor of alcoholic beverages on their breath. Possession or consumption of drugs or alcoholic beverages at the facility is prohibited, except for controlled drinking demonstrations at the Intoximeter Schools. Violation of this rule will result in immediate dismissal.

ATTENDANCE: Each student shall notify the class supervisor if it is necessary to be absent for any reason from the scheduled classes. Certificates may be withheld for students missing areas of instruction.

ATTIRE: All persons attending programs sponsored by the Academy shall attend classes dressed in the following acceptable attire:

A. Male personnel: – official department uniform; or – a suit or sports jacket with dress shirt and tie, or sports shirt and sweater; or – slacks with coordinated open-collared shirt. B. Female personnel: – Official department uniform; or – a dress; or – skirt and blouse or sweater combination; or – slacks and coordinated blouse.

CONDUCT: While attending the facility your conduct both on and off the campus reflects upon the Academy and your agency. Conduct unbecoming an officer will be dealt with accordingly.

DORMITORY ROOMS: Linen shall be issued and signed for upon your arrival. Upon departure, beds shall be stripped by the student and linen turned in. Cleanliness of dormitory rooms shall be the responsibility of each officer. Rooms shall be subject to periodic inspection. Towels are not provided.

FIREARMS: Firearms shall not be worn visibly in the facility or on campus unless the student is wearing a distinguishable trooper uniform or displaying his/her badge of office. Officers are encouraged to secure weapons in the firearms storage lockers located outside the mess hall. Firearms shall not be stored in the dormitory areas under any conditions.

FOOD AND DRINK: Food or drink shall only be consumed in designated area and shall not be consumed or kept in dormitory rooms.

GAMBLING: Gambling in any form is prohibited.

LOUD NOISES: Officers shall not engage in loud noises in the hallways and shall not use vulgar or unprofessional language or behavior.

COMMUNICATIONS: Communication devices are provided in the front lobby and dormitory areas. All messages received by the Duty Officer shall be posted or delivered by staff personnel depending upon the urgency of the message. The Academy Duty Officer can be reached at thier station.

USE OF GYMNASIUM: When no classes are in session, those wishing to use the gym and all equipment may do so at their own risk and in accordance with Academy guidelines. Gym shoes and appropriate clothing shall be worn at all times. No person shall use any Department fitness facility, unless a waiver form has been submitted.

RECRUIT CONTACT: The Academy’s primary mandate is recruit training. The recruit academy must take precedence over all other activity at the facility. Recruits undergo weeks of strict paramilitary training. Academy students and guests shall not engage recruits in unnecessary conversation nor subject them to any harassment. Speaking to a recruit may cause problems for the recruit. **ALL personnel are forbidden from the area of the recruit academy living quarters.

INFRACTIONS: Infractions of any of the foregoing rules may result in dismissal from the training program and / or subsequent Academy programs, and an incident report may be sent to the officer’s agency. Any unwarranted damage to the facility or equipment or failure to return Academy property shall result in direct billing to the officer, with a copy to the officer’s agency.

Punishment for guidance Infractions:


Remember all corporal punishment is administered upon the bare bottom. This is to ensure that correction is more memorable and humbling.

As with guidance sessions the student will report to the appropriate member of staff at a given time and will stand with their nose touching the wall outside the office. Students awaiting correction will always adjust their dress so that their bare bottom is on display without regard of the popularity of the public area or the number or nature of persons present. This includes other staff and students or any visitors.

Once called into the office the Student will assume any position that they are directed to do so. They may then expect to receive up to 12 strokes with a cane or 18 swats with a junior paddle.

Please note that Students under going regular guidance or who have returned for a repeat of the same offence may expect to have their punishment automatically upgraded to a level two correction.


The standard procedure for level two offences is as above. However, in this case the disciplinarian may administer a sound spanking in addition to swats or the cane or upgrade the punishment to 18 strokes of the cane or 24 swats with the junior paddle.


Please note that Students who have reported for a level three offence are not automatically upgraded to level four punishment for repeat offences unless they are held to be in rebellion or open defiance of The Academy.

Level three miscreants can be soundly spanked at the member of staff’s discretion with corner time and repeated spanking as a prelude or supplement if there for repeat offenders or poor attitude under correction.

However, the primary sentence is usually as follows. A Student can expect 30 swats with the junior paddle followed by up to 24 strokes of the cane. The caning usually follows the paddle in this case and the mentor may reduce the strokes if the Student is sufficiently repentant.


Level four punishment is very serious and can only be administered after consultation with the Head. Level four punishments once authorised can be repeated at set periods at discretion and will often be so if there are aggravating circumstances or it is a continuing fault on the part of the miscreant.

The Studen will be soundly spanked with a small paddle or similar until the disciplinarian is assured that he has her full attention. This can be repeated and combined with extended corner time at the punisher’s discretion.

The Student will then be secured if necessary to receive either:

No less than 24 and usually no more than 36 applications of the medium birch, followed by up to 30 strokes with a senior grade cane.


No less than 15 and usually no more than 30 with the senior (drilled) paddle, followed by up to 36 strokes with a standard grade cane.

It is noted that with experience different students will dread different combinations to a greater or lesser extent and that can be factored into a punishment for the students benefit or the punishment’s enhancement as is deemed appropriate.


Level five punishments are usually only awarded by the Head in consultation with the student’s guardian as an alternative to expulsion.

For level five punishments, the Student is stripped naked and made to don a punishment gown. This affords some semblance of modesty but leaves the bottom bare.

The miscreant will then face the back wall of the stage so attired during general assembly in the morning. When all other business has been dealt with the Student will be secured over the public frame provided for this purpose.

the Student will then receive 24 strokes with the heavy paddle-strap, followed by 36 strokes of a judicial birch.

Student will then stand in front entrance hall for the remainder of that day with thier nose to the wall opposite the main door. Then for the remainder of that week, they will wear the punishment gown at all times.

Furthermore, for the remainder of that term the Student will have punishment chores and report every end of week to thier mentor for a level three punishment.

Level one offences include: Ignorance of the rules, Coming last in class studies, Coming late to class, Talking in class, Impudence, General untidiness.

Level two offences include: Skylarking, Public disturbance, Being out of bounds on the premises, Coming late to a meeting with a staff member, Failure to report wrongdoing (of others), Foul language.

Level three offences include: Insubordination, Failure to report wrongdoing (of oneself), Lying, Being out of bounds off the premises, Being incorrigible, Inappropriate sexual behaviour, Honour offences, Incomplete chores.

Level four offences include: Vandalism, Bullying, Stealing, Bringing The Academy into disrepute, Persistent or rank insubordination.

Level five offences include: Assaults on staff, Mutiny, Treason, Discussing The Academy with outsiders to its detriment.

Please note that evading any correction is punishable by sanctions being upgrade one level. Any offences not mentioned above would be dealt with by the Directorate in any manner that is deemed appropriate. The Directorate also reserves the right to upgrade or downgrade a sanction according to circumstances.

Grading Policies:
Requirements for Ranks-Officer


Security Officer (Highest 16 or Younger Can Obtain. Any ranking officer Ensign-Commander may hold a security possition)

a) Take V officer test and score 49% or below. If higher see Ensign or Lieutenant.
Ensign (Lowest rank required for Department Chief position.) (If V officer Test 50-79%, automatically this rank.)

a) Earn 25 Participation Pt.

b) Earn 25 Service Pt.

c) Earn 25 Knowledge Pt.

d) Earn 25 Leadership Pt.

e) Pass 4 V Quest Courses.

f) Crew Evaluation with XO and SL


Ensign to Lieutenant (If Officer Test 80%, automatically this rank.)

a) Earn 50 Participation Pt.

b) Earn 50 Service Pt.

c) Earn 50 Knowledge P.t

d) Earn 50 Leadership Pt.

e) Pass 5 V Quest Courses

f) Plan 1 ship activity * (Not needed for Line Officer)

g) Crew Evaluation with XO and SL


Captain (If V officer Test 90% or better, automatically this rank.)

a) Earn 100 Participation Pt.

b) Earn 100 Service Pt.

c) Earn 100 Knowledge Pt.

d) Earn 100 Leadership Pt.

e) Read All V Novels.

f) Plan 1 ship activity & direct it. * (Not needed for Line Officer)

g) Attend 1 out of state Convention

h) Crew Evaluation with XO and SL


Commander (If V officer Test 95% or better, automatically this rank.)

a) Earn 150 Participation Pt.

b) Earn 150 Service Pt.

c) Earn 150 Knowledge Pt.

d) Earn 150 Leadership Pt.

e) Plan 2 ship activities & direct 1. * (Not needed for Line Officer)

h) Attend 1 out of state Convention

g) Crew Evaluation with XO and SL


Commander to Squadron Commander

a) Earn 200 Participation Pt.

b) Earn 200 Service Pt.

c) Earn 200 Knowledge Pt.

d) Earn 200 Leadership Pt.

e) Pass 6 V Quest Courses.

f) Attend 2nd out of state Convention

*g) Complete Command Project. See Command Staff for details.

*h) Plan 5 and Conduct 3 ships Activities

*i) Pass Commanders Test (80% or better) (After a – h are completed)

j) Command Evaluation with fifth Column Council


(Squadron Commander or any Special Officer ranks such as Inspector General or Ambassador. The Supreme Commander sets requirements for these ranks).

Please Note all Quest exams, Commander exams, Inspector General exams ext. You have two weeks to complete the exam. For Line Officer Exam you have three months to
complete the exam. How ever for all exams for only special circumstances you may get extension for all exams. For questions for the special circumstances please contact
the director for the reasons for the special circumstances.

For all other test like Quest exams, Commander exams, Inspector General exams ext. the grading is as follows below.

Percentage Letter Grade Percentage Meaning GPA
90-100 A 92-100 Excellent 4.0
80-89 B 83-91 Good 3.0
70-79 C 74-82 Average 2.0
60-69 D 65-73 Passing 1.0
0-59 F 0-64 Failing 0.0



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