The fearless leader of the Dino-Riders, Questar is strong-willed and courageous. Questar is an easy person to get along with but at the same, has no problems giving out orders and effectively commanding his people. Questar has no qualms about asking for assistance and is often aided by his top officials including Ikon, Vector, Mind-Zei, and Astra.




A wise old warrior, Mind-Zei makes up for his blindness with his sixth-sense. Despite not being able to physically see his surroundings, Mind-Zei can detect anything or anyone around him, friend or foe. Mind-Zei is well versed in martial arts and can hold his own with just about any Rulon out there. The grandfather of Serena, Mind-Zei is a compassionate man that frequently offers helpful advice to Questar.





A young and free spirited Dino-Rider, Yungstar is always looking for action. Whether it’s battling Rulons or racing through the plains on his Deinonychus, Yungstar is ready. Yungstar sometimes lets his pride get in the way of things and is often getting into some sticky situations because of it. Though not always patient, Yungstar is forever dedicated to the good cause.






Young and attractive, Serena has the ability to heal other beings, whether human, alien, or animal. Serena can sense when others are in trouble and often puts her own life on the line in order to save them. The granddaughter of Mind-Zei, Serena is both compassionate and battle-tested.







A �Mr. Fix It� of sorts, Turret is a technician and scientist. Turret is in charge of the S.T.E.P. crystal and can easily modify it to adapt to the changing needs of the Dino-Riders. Although extremely important to the Dino-Riders team, Turret often has a low self-esteem because he is not typically involved in the day-to-day battles with the Rulons.








A hardened war veteran, Gunner is a high-ranking Dino-Rider official. Gunner has endless combat experience and is often assigned to training other Dino-Riders on the finer points of tactical maneuvering and artillery use. Gunner is often stubborn and is used to the old ways of doing things. Beneath his rough exterior, Gunner is a kind-hearted person that would gladly put himself in jeopardy to save his comrades.









As the youngest Dino-Rider, Llahd often finds himself in compromising positions because of his curiosity. Sometimes defying direct orders, Llahd is just as courageous as any of the other Dino-Riders and wants nothing more than to one day be in the full heat of battle.









An able, mid-level official, Tagg is both likeable and battle-tested. Often instructing other Dino-Riders during training exercises, Tagg can make short work of mountainsides and boulders with his faithful Pachycephalosaurus.











One of Questar�s top advisors, Ikon is a statistician and pragmatist. With the help of his staff, Ikon can answer Questar�s questions within seconds and in doing so, he does not attempt to sugar coat anything. Ikon frequently calculates the probability of success for Questar�s plans. Of all the Dino-Riders, Ikon seems to have the least personality. However, his contributions to the Dino-Rider team cannot be overstated.


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