Splinter: ”We have never revealed ourselves to the other world. You have placed us all in great danger. ”
Splinter: ”As you grow older, you will learn there are many ways to do the right thing.
But there is no going back. I’m afraid we find ourselves at your mercy.”
Splinter: ”Where there is life. There is hope.”
Splinter: ”Do not lead with your shoulders Donatello.”
Splinter: ”Hmm, we will call this place… ”Home.”
Splinter: ”Yes, but remember, one must also make time to explore the landskape within.”
Splinter ”Ah, my son. So angry. Rage is a monster that will destroy you from within. Raphael,
a true warrior finds balance in all things.”
Splinter: ”It is dangerous for you to go about openly in the world above. You cannot simply walk
amongst the humans. They will not accept who and what you are. It is as the great sage and warrior
Kenji Hashimura once said, ”Why walk when you can ride?”
Splinter: ”My sons, If you are to become true ninja you must work harder. Your path in life will not be
an easy one. The outside world will not be a friendly place for you. You four are different in ways the
surface dwellers would never understand. To survive, you must master these skills I teach you.
Ninjitsu powers of stealth and secrecy. You must become kage; shadow warriors. And you must
never be discovered by the outside world.”
Splinter: ”Pain is a blinding force Leonardo physical and emotional.
Splinter: ”Rage is a monster that will destory you from within Raphael.”
Splinter: ”Look with your heart Michaelangelo and not your eyes.”
Splinter: ”Remember, to be a true ninja you must become one with the shadows. Darkness gives the
ninja power, while light reveals the ninja’s presence.”
Splinter: ”He serves no great purpose. He fights no great evil. He is great evil.”
Splinter: ”There is nothing more restful for a ninja then regular training.”
Splinter: ”Our bodies need rest to heal… And that includes your mouths.”
Splinter: ”Remember my sons even the mighty oak bends before the raging storm winds.
Splinter: ”Life moves as the wheel of destiny turn night to day.”
Splinter: ”A creative mind must be balanced by a disciplined body.
Splinter: ”Only be focusing on our inner strength can we overcome our enemy.”
Splinter: ”Sometimes is best to sit still and answers will come.”
Splinter: ”In the hands of true ninjutsu master anything can be a weapon.”
Splinter: ”A weapon is only as good as the arm that wields it.”
Splinter: ”How many times did a told you not to sneak out to the surface?”
Splinter: ”It is not the student place to say when a lesson is learned. The studen place is to listen and
Splinter: ”Old wounds are slow to heal.”
Splinter: ”We Must learn stillness and alertness for they are the only defense againts the unexpected.”
Splinter: ”A ninja’s greatest strength is patience.”
Splinter: ”The more one learns the less one knows.”
Splinter: ”Attacking a wounded soldier. You have no honor.”
Splinter: ”These who become obsessed are often their wrost enemy.”
Splinter: ”Let your mind become pool of stillness. Break the surface explore the deeps for that is
where the true wonders lies.
Splinter: ”A wise ninja does not seek out an enemy who he does not fully understand.”
Splinter: ”The two greatest weapons at the ninja disposal are placement and surprise.”
Splinter: ”Sometimes the past is a mirror in which we can see the reflection of what danger the
future holds.”
Splinter: ”Donatello, your Battle Shell is a marvel of engineering. A true testament to your incredible
mechanical skills. And I never want to see it in our home again.”
Splinter: ”I hate to put either one of you at risk, but only a fool ignores fate and the strange gifts it
Splinter: ”Miss O’Neil, teaching them the ancient art of Ninjitsu was hard enough. I’m afraid even I
cannot work miracles.”
Splinter: ”You should never have tried to face The Shredder alone. He is too powerful.”
Splinter: ”Master Yoshi kept his honor to the end. A true warrior, and a true Guardian.”
”The quiet ones are the most dangeroues”



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