The Beagle Boys Inc

If the Beagle Boys had existed in our world they would have been imprisoned for the rest of their lives, because of their humongous crimes. But in Duckburg they can wreck one building after another, blow up anything they like, and steal at an unparallelled scale – and receive little more than a slap on their wrists from the authorities. Soon they are back on another destruction frenzy on their wicked way which usually leads directly to Scrooge’s Money Bin.
Although being fairly limited as identical characters Carl Barks let the Boys participate in no less than 32 stories*, in most of which they demonstrate their bumbling ways and deplorable ability to infuriate the Duckburgians in general and Scrooge in particular.

This page will show you some examples of the Beagle Boys’ prevailingly robotlike and brotherly unification which may earn them the well deserved nickname of The Organisation.
U$23 The Strange Ship-Wrecks
Astounding as it may seem the Boys have been involved in hard work several times. In this story 176-716 reluctantly reveals that they actually served as lighthouse operators for a period of two years, and in U$35 Gift Lion they admit to having listened in on Scrooge’s phone calls for 10 years…
U$31 All at Sea
Despite their distinct image as a bungling band of professional, thuggish thieves on the comical side, the Boys are in fact worse criminals than both Magica and Flintheart combined. They have destroyed numerous buildings and taken several deadly shots at the ducks.
U$63 House of Haunts
The Boys are well educated! At least in this story 176-176 has a degree in Brain Fibrillation and Cranial Encephalography, 176-617 has a degree in Psychology, 176-671 has a degree in Chemistry, and 176-716 has a degree in Metallurgy and Electropyrotechnology.
U$66 The Heedless Horseman
We have never seen the Boys as active sportsmen, and the only hobby they seem to cultivate is billiards. And, of course, they cheat…
U$41 The Status Seeker
The Boys are members of at least three shady unions: Burglars, Thugs, and Pirates Union, Local No. 6½ from U$41 The Status Seeker, and Burglars, Thugs, Safe-Crackers, and Robbers, Local No. 303, as well as The Beneficial Brotherhood of Footpads, Forgers, Friskers, Fanners, and Fleecers both from U$70 The Doom Diamond.
WDCS291 Delivery Dilemma
The Boys have disguised themselves in numerous stories primarily in order to fool Scrooge. Sometimes the disguises are fairly transparent, and sometimes – as in this story – they are quite efficient and clever. Some of the more elaborate include dressing up as a lion in U$35 Gift Lion and as a vice president of a bank in U$51 How Green was My Lettuce, not to mention that 30 Boys disguised themselves as robots in U$04 ‘Hawaiian Hideaway’!
FC0495 ‘Money Bin Tank’
By far the most persevering abductors in Barks’ stories are the Boys, who have kidnapped the ducks more times than can be counted! This story represents the first time, and by today’s standard the action would ensure them a prison sentence that would last for the remainder of their lives, but apparently the law is quite different in Duckburg! The Boys seem to get off with a slap on their fingers ensuring that they are fully operational in the next story…
U$GTD1 ‘The Fantastic River Race’
According to their prison numbers in Barks’ stories there must be at least 36 Boys! In this story we are introduced to Blackheart Beagle who is presumed to be the grandfather of today’s Beagle Boys. But not all of them, because we also learn about Grandpa Beagle in FC0386 Only a Poor Old Man and in U$21 The Money Well. Let’s hope – at least for the grandmothers’ sake – that the Boys have several different grandparents!
U$42 The Case of the Sticky Money
In this story where we experience the Boys with naked upper bodies for the only time, it is clear to see that the Boys have their prison numbers tattooed on their chests.
U$66 The Heedless Horseman
The Boys invent an explosive – Beaglemite – with limited success…
FC0495 ‘The Money Bin Tank’
A ‘good’ criminal always attempts to appear as innocent as possible. This can be done in a number of ways. In this scene the odd-numbered 176-666 actually succeeds in persuasively fast-talking two suspicious policemen out of checking the Boys’ shady goings-on.
U$51 How Green was My Lettuce
The Boys repeatedly use animals in their crimes. In this story it is gophers, in FC0386 Only a Poor Old Man it is cormorants and termites, in U$42The Case of the Sticky Money it is a falcon, and in U$70 The Doom Diamond they use bluejays.
U$58 The Giant Robot Robbers
The topic of food very rarely comes up amongst the Boys, but 176-167 has a secret that usually brings him and his brothers into trouble: He likes cooked prunes! This special craving was displayed in this story as well as in U$08 ‘The Mysterious Stone Ray’.
U$42 The Case of the Sticky Money
In this story the Boys had opened a Zoo of their own.
U$7 ‘Cibola’
Here we learn that the Boys are dependant on relief checks from the county welfare office, because they are ‘needy cases’ as they themselves put it…
FC1161 The Reversed Rescue
As hardened criminals the Boys seem to have an unlimited arsenal of deadly weapons as seen in this panel. Notice how Barks manages to soften the sequence by introducing a Boy with a small slingshot among the heavy artillery. In the same story they carry several heavily oversized revolvers that should be impossible to holster…
FC0386 Only a Poor Old Man
Sometimes the Boys are bestowed with sheer dumb luck. In this story Scrooge manages to store his money away in a distant lake. And, lo and behold, the Beagle Boys have actually owned a neighbouring fishing cabin there for years!! And if this is not enough ‘neighbourism’ they later buy the whole area beneath the dam where Scrooge’s lake lies!!!
U$24 The Twenty-four Carat Moon
The Boys seem to have unlimited access to transportation. Examples: In U$35 The Golden Nugget Boat they drive a Stakeout Car, in U$63 House of Haunts they ride a Get-Away Car, and in U$66 The Heedless Horseman they possess a Loot Wagon. Even a trip to the Moon is within their grasp in their state of the art Razor-Wing Rocket.
WDCS134 ‘The Anti-Beagle Cannon’
The Boys are rarely thinking of transportation for the money they try to steal. This story, in which they – as it happens – have big buckets handy, is one of the few exceptions. So is U$58 The Giant Robot Robbers, in which they had giant buckets made to carry off big loads of money.
FC1184 Mighty but Miserable
A common trait for most criminals is their distinct lack of courage when they are outnumbered. But when in their gang they are very courageous – against weaklings…
FC0356 Only a Poor Old Man
The Boys are sometimes seen carrying explosives which they use with great enthusiasm. But they do not like the taste of their own medicine…
U$42 The Case of the Sticky Money
On the very rare occasions when they have money to burn the Boys like to flaunt their ill-gotten wealth as if there was no tomorrow…
FC0356 Only a Poor Old Man
Being a successful thief also means that one in some warped way rejoices in the victim’s bad luck. The Boys are certainly no exceptions!
U$21 The Money Well
When it comes down to it the Boys all have just one main interest…
U$63 House of Haunts
The Boys are always blatantly aware of their wrong-doings – especially when they stand before a judge. No one can look as guilt-conscious with their begging beaglehound eyes…


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