ADA Refactor

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ADA Refactor 001
ADA Refactor as of v1.53.3
Category Weapon
Rarity(s) Very Rare
Version 1.26.0
XM Cost Variable
Recycle Value 100 XM
The ADA Refactor is the Resistance Flip Card, a weapon that instantly switches an Enlightened portal to Resistance control. It was introduced in scanner update 1.26.0 and has Very Rare rarity. The item’s functionality is identical to the JARVIS Virus, except it can only be used on Enlightened portals.

Despite its affiliation with the Resistance, the ADA Refactor can be used by agents of both factions. Community studies suggest that the item’s drop rate is always 1 in 2500 hacking rolls, regardless of the faction of the agent and the portal.

When an Enlightened player uses an ADA Refactor to flip an Enlightened portal, ownership of the portal, its mods, and its resonators will transfer to __ADA__.

Lore Edit

Like other in-game items, the ADA Refactor is a construct made of XM that coalesces when a human hacks a portal. The code that forms XM into an ADA Refactor was developed and injected into Earth’s XM fabric by researchers commissioned by the NIA to combat the fragmented Roland Jarvis.

Similarly to the XMP and the Ultra Strike, the ADA Refactor contains a massive amount of compressed structured XM at its core. Unlike the other weapons, the ADA Refactor’s XM matrix isn’t a disruptive explosive, but a library of single-use code.

When an agent pours massive amounts of XM into the item, it temporarily empowers the simplified ADA AI inside the agent’s Scanner and uploads it into the target portal. The sentient AI goes to work, rapidly rebuilding the portal’s mods and resonators to eliminate all traces of Roland Jarvis’s Enlightened influence. Other Enlightened portals reject the newly-flipped portal, breaking any links and fields it supported.

If the deploying agent is Resistance, his or her affinity with the ADA AI encourages her to grant ownership of the newly-refactored XM constructs to the agent. Otherwise, the AI will subsume the portal herself, for better or for worse.


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