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AGENT NAME: CommanderGrade
CURRENT LEVEL:5Ingress It's Time To Move
Discover the world around you in a new way with Ingress Missions. Ingress Missions connect sites that are related or iconic in some way, such as:

  • Local treasures: discover the best murals in San Francisco or experience the art of Florence
  • Historical Places/People: learn about the Boston Freedom Trail or dine at cafés that inspired famous artists
  • Pop Culture: retrace locations from films like Lord of the Rings or games like Assassin’s Creed
  • Exploration: visit all the modern Wonders of the World or UNESCO World Heritage sites

Some Missions are interactive, encouraging Agents to solve puzzles or take specific actions along the way. There are Missions for nearly every place in the world, find a Mission near you by touching MISSIONS from your Ingress Scanner.

Ingress Missions
OK, Agent, that’s it for this week. Go out and make some news of your own by engaging with your fellow agents on the battlefield. It’s time to move!
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It's Time To Move
******** FULL STOP ********
End Transmission
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