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BG-386. Not quite home away from home when the company staked its claim.
Karl Bishop Weyland (from Aliens vs. Predator)
AVP3- BG386
Suns One
Species Yautja (formerly)
Humans (formerly)
Points of interest Yautja pyramid
Combat arena
Freya’s Prospect

BG-386 is a lush planet in an undisclosed region of space. It is home to the colony of Freya’s Prospect as well as a sizeableWeyland-Yutani research facility set up around the extensive Yautjaruins on the planet. It is the main setting of the 2010 video gameAliens vs. Predator.



Terrain and ClimateEdit

BG-386 was a warm but barren planet when first discovered byWeyland-Yutani.[1] However, since being terraformed it has evolved into a lush world with a heavily vegetated environment, including swamps and thick jungles. Other areas of the planet are still desolate wastelands. The planet is volcanically active — a large pool of magma can be found in the lowest levels of the pyramid — and much of its surface is prone to seismic activity.[1]


The planet was first colonized by the Yautja, who used it as a sacred hunting ground where they would breed and stalk Xenomorphs. Ancient Yautja ruins litter the planet’s jungle areas, centered around a large subterranean pyramid and a combat arena that became the focus of Weyland-Yutani research.[1]

Like the pyramid on Bouvet Island in Antarctica, the ruins on BG-386 was used by the Yautja as a hunting ground where Young Blood warriors would prove themselves to their elders by slaying the Xenomorphs and earning the mark of an honorable warrior. To allow these Xenomorph hunts, an ancient Xenomorph Queen, known as the Matriarch, was held captive on the planet and used to lay Eggs to breed Aliens.[1] Presumably the Predators used kidnapped hosts, as BG-386 supported no suitable indigenous lifeforms. Judging by the extreme age of the Matriarch, the hunting ground was ancient and had been in use for millennia.


AVP3 Battle- Colony

The battle in the mines.

It remains unclear whether the planet was permanently inhabited by the Yautja or if they only visited when hunting, but by the timeWeyland-Yutani settled and began terraforming BG-386 the Yautja ruins on the planet had been abandoned for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Ostensibly, the colony of Freya’s Prospect was set up to mine the extensive resources contained within the planet’s crust. In fact it was merely a cover for the construction of a large Weyland-Yutani facility amidst the ruins that conducted research into the Yautja and the Xenomorphs, several of which were quickly bred in captivity from the recovered Matriarch. The Matriarch soon escaped and established a Hivein the Freya’s Prospect ore refinery. The incident led to the deployment of Colonial Marines on BG-386, as well as a group of Yautja Elites seeking a group of Young Bloods who had gone missing there as a result.

Eventually, the colony, the research laboratories and most of the ancient ruins were destroyed by a YautjaSelf-Destruct Device. It is unknown if the Yautja will continue to use the planet for hunting Xenomorphs after this explosion.


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