Latest Ingress Report

For more reports please check this playlist

Aegis Nova Rotterdam Anomaly Recap

Aegis Nova: Brooklyn Recap

Devra EXOTIC Complete Video

It’s Time to Recruit (what’s Ingress) video

Playing Ingress (The basics of Ingress) video

For the old intro video click here
And for the old Ingresstigate check ep 1 ,ep 2 and ep 3

As our investigation spans a variety of different websites and media types, we have broken down our findings into several categories for organisational purposes. Some of the larger pieces have been further split into their own pages for better documentation. Check New to the Wiki, a quick beginners guide to how the wiki is set up and some of the items you can explore in the wiki. If you plan on editing the wiki, PLEASE visit this page to see how the wiki is set up. The main focus of this wiki is to simply collect the pieces and information associated with the Niantic/Ingress universe, it does not focus on analysis or summation of the information. The wiki is always looking for those wanting to help add information.

In January of 2016 Henri Richard Loeb (AKA P. A. Chapeau) began a new investigation Site. Visit the site for the latest updates and information – Investigate: Ingress see the site’s Detailed Dossierfor more information.



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