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The Fifth Column /Sweeden Mother Ship — Security.


Entry: Ling, Fredrik
Nickname: Wakri
Rank: Ensign
Species: Sirian Male
Age: 23
Height: 167 cm
Service #: 209-08
Eyes: Green/blue
Hair: Brown
Place of Birth Earth
Date of Birth: Year of our Leader 1988
Languages: Swedish, English, Spanish, and Sirian
Hobbies: N/A
Family: Parents killed in war. Wontu Kal-Jel
Service Record:
1988-2003 Earth Civilian
2003-2005 Sirius IV N/A
2005-2008 Sirian Military Academy Student
2008-2009 Sweeden Mother Ship Shock Trooper
2009-2010 Sweeden Mother Ship Chief Centurion
2010-2011 Sweeden Mother Ship Jurisprudence Officer
2012-Present Sweeden Mother Ship Assistant IG
Tactical Unit citation, Weapons Accuracy citation.
Details before or after Earth: Freddie hatched on Earth in Sweden. Freddie spent a year on Sirius IV discovering his roots. He was very interested in the Ministry of Justice. His parents on Sirius IV were killed by Kzzizz soldiers and he was sent to live with his Wontu Kal-Jel.Crewman: He joined the Sirian Fleet at the age of 15 and was stationed on Mother Ship 22, in the Transport Department. After 18 month he requested to be transfered to the Security Department, but due lack of experience he was not successful. 6 month later, he applied again – he was successful.

Shock Trooper: Through his actions within the fleet, he seems to catch his superiors attention. He never refused to follow his orders though he sometimes felt that even if he was just following orders, he sometimes thought that some orders were sometimes inaccurate. The Supreme Leader was putting forth a task force to take control of a planet in the SOL system. Seemed the leader was very intent on getting this planet. Some members of the I.G.C. were sent to Monercerous, A huge staging area of 50 Mother Ships. Wakri was not sent to Monercerous till after the fleet had departed for Earth.

Security Guard: 2 weeks after his promotion he was contacted by a fellow crewmember. Little did he know that this man was a Fifth Columnist. Frederik was often terrified by all this unnecessary killing. He felt that if the enemy gave up so would this be treated as a prisoner of war, not being tortured for hours, days and even weeks and then just executed. This crewmember also had the same ideas. After 3 months of contact, though with care and in the most carefull way possible, he joined The Fifth Column.

But he was ordered never to take any covert actions without orders from the leaders of the Fifth Column. He agreed to this.

Chief Centurion: When the fleet arrived to Earth, Wakri decided to become an enlisted officer. To become this, he was required to take some Field Academy Studies ( F.A.S. ). Of course, he did just that and was awarded the rank of Chief Centurion.

Jurisprudence Officer: Wakri took some classes in Sirian Law, but after 1 year he found this job boring and decided to finally become an officer. Thanks to his many Field Academy Studies he was promoted to the rank of Ensign.


Additional details: Freddie is currently an acting Ensign at the Hangar Bay. He try’s not to kill the resistance fighters but its not easy. He has 100 troopers under his command. He is currently based at the Sweden Mothership.
Hail: Fredrik


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