Officer ranks

In 0 BBY, Imperial officers of the Galactic Empire wore insignia consisting of a confusing collection of multi-colored rank squares on the left breast of the officer’s uniform with a combination of several metal cylinders to either side of the rank badge. By the next few years, the rank squares had become a much simpler collection of red and blue squares with the code cylinders still in use.

In the Galactic Civil War, most Imperial officers were verbally addressed as ”Commander” with the exception ofAdmirals, such as Admiral Kendal Ozzel and Piett who were addressed as ”Admiral”. It should be noted that ”commander” is an acceptable form of address for captains, majors, colonels, or anyone of any rank who commands a military unit. Grand Moff Tarkin was referred to as ”Governor”. With such generic terms, the Star Wars films give little hint to a system of ranks and insignia. Over the years, however, the Expanded Universehas established a system of ranks and insignia which matches closely to the characters and the ranks and authority which they most likely held.

Navy Rank Army Rank Version One Version Two
Grand Admiral Grand General OldMoff GrandAd
Grand Moff Grand Moff Moff1 Moff2
Moff Moff 115px Moff2
High Admiral Surface Marshal HighAdm2 HighAdm
Fleet Admiral High General OldFltAdm SWARSFLTADM
Admiral General OldAdm ImpAdmiral
Vice Admiral Lieutenant General ImpViceAdm2 ImpViceAdm
Rear Admiral Major General ImpRADM2 ImpRADM
Commodore Brigadier ImpBrigadier 75px
Captain of the Line High Colonel HighColonel LineCaptain
Captain Colonel ImpColonel ImpCaptain
Commander Lieutenant Colonel ImpLTCOL ImpCommander
Lieutenant Commander Major ImpMajor ImpLCDR
Lieutenant Captain ImpO-3 ImpLT
Sublieutenant Lieutenant Imp1Lt ImpLTsub
Ensign Second Lieutenant Imp2Lt ImpEnsign
Midshipman Officer Candidate MIDN MIDN


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