• Simon Masrani: Masrani Chief Executive Officer, Simon Masrani, in the JW001 Helicopter overlooking Isla Nublar.


  • It’s been a long time coming but finally I can update my blog. So many of the endeavors we are preparing behind the scenes here at Masrani have now entered new stages of development. This has freed up my schedule to finally fly down to visit Jurassic World and oversee our latest attraction opening in July: the Indominus rex.

    The last year has been very busy for me so I regrettably haven’t been able to oversee the development behind this new dinosaur. However the scientists at Jurassic World are a truly awe-inspiring group of people and have brought us unforgettable experiences since 2005. I’m sure the Indominus will be another worthy addition to our ever-growing prehistoric population on Nublar. I’m also certain that I’ll be able to understand how our public will react to the Indominus as I will personally see it for the first time so close to its release. I admit it’s been a while since I have had the privilege to experience something like this with fresh eyes. Not long now!

    Our investors will want to keep a close eye on our progress over the next six months as we hope the Indominus will prove to be our biggest showstopper to date. As many of you are aware our goals are never finite. Here at Masrani we’re always looking to develop the latest concepts to break through potential misconceptions in this ever changing world we live in. So now the time had come to prove just that.


    P.S. I should hopefully have time to personally meet some of you at Jurassic World upon my visit. I’ll try my best to experience the park with those we’re aiming to educate and entertain. See you very soon!

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