ARTICLE III: Departments and Officers
SECTION ONE: Departments
The Fifth Column shall have the following departments:
Command, Operations, Helm, Sciences, Medical, Security, Resistance, and Schooling.
SECTION TWO: Departmental Responsibilities
A) Command: The Command Department is headed by the Supreme Commander. This Department
is responsible for overseeing all Fifth Column functions, except for individual chapter activities.
The Command Department shall oversee and advise all Fifth Column committees.
An XO shall typically handle the advisement and oversight function.
B) Operations: The Operations Department is headed by the Chief of Operations and shall
be responsible for maintaining the club’s master database, production of address book quarterly,
keeping files on all meetings which shall have minutes and attendance, as well as copies of all
papers distributed and all proposals submitted. Operations shall be responsible for reviewing
the ship’s constitution yearly and submitting efficiency report to the EC, recruitment, distributing
the ship’s new member materials, be the contact person in regard to missing or late fleet materials,
maintain a membership phone tree and e-mail directory. Ops will also act as an Internet Liaison for
Fifth Column members who do not have Internet access.
The Operations Department may also house a Security Sub- Department, headed by a Security
Coordinator. The following departments, Engineering and Communications are found within the
Operations department.

1) The Communications Department, headed by the Chief of Communications, shall be responsible
for coordinating all ship’s communications whether via e-mail, phone, or the US Postal Service.
Producing, copying and distributing six issues of the ship’s newsletter and institute a newsletter
exchange program with other chapters. 2) The Engineering Department, headed by the Chief of
Engineering, shall be responsible for archiving ship’s materials, producing and providing ship’s
graphics and maintaining blueprints and plans for the chapters. And help in the creation of
C) Helm: The Helm Department, headed by the Chief Helms Officer, shall be responsible for keeping
a running list of all Ships seen, used or mentioned in V. The members of the department are
encouraged to develop a knowledge of the shuttles used in V. This list will be made available
for the crew to help in research and study. The Conn Department is encouraged to find any and
all information about the actors.
D) Sciences: The Science Department, headed by the Chief Science Officer, shall be responsible
for maintaining the ship’s treasury, being the primary contact individuals in regard to business
affairs and contract negotiation and shall submit a financial statement to the Executive Committee
E) The Medical Department, headed by the Chief Surgeon. The Medical Department shall be
responsible for Red Cross contact, setting up blood drives and coordinating first aid/CPR classes
and other cool medical stuff. This department is also in charge of greeting, get well, birthday and
holiday cards.
F) Security: The Security Department, headed by the Chief of Security, shall be in charge of the
Resistance- sub group is found within this department. Security will act as safety volunteers.
Keep an eye on ship activities and make sure that everyone is in a safe environment.
The Chief of Security will coordinate the volunteers. This includes having a member of the
Security Department act as a greeter for Ticonderoga Meetings. The Security Department will
also act as a support group to the other departments, providing manpower and other options.
The Security Department may be asked to aid in the security at conventions, ship activities,
etc. And will keep a running list of all weapons seen, used or mentioned in V. 2) The Resistance-
sub group is found within this department, It is for all the resistance fighters of earth, civilians,
and collaborators.
G) Schooling: The Academy, is headed by the Academy Directorate, shall be in charge of the
education and material for the Visitor’s Fifth Column fan club.

SECTION THREE: Department Chief’s
a) Each department shall have a Department Chief assigned to it by the CO in conjunction with the
EC, confirmed by the general crew.
b) Each Department Chief shall submit at least one report to the Supreme Commander on the 1st
Saturday of each of the following months: February, April, June, August, October, December detailing
what the department has been doing in the last months. Failure to submit this report will result in
the following:
1) 1st Time: Warning 2) 2nd Time: Documented Warning 2) 3rd Time: Conference with the CO and XO
3) 4th Time: Review before the Grievance Committee. c) Department Chiefs are responsible for the
completion of the department duties as described in the above
SECTION TWO. Failure to complete these duties will result in a review before the Grievance Committee.
d) Additional duties may be given to a Department Chief and/or their department by the Supreme
Commander and a simple majority of the EC
e) This section also pertains to Mother Ship Commanders who report once a month to the Supreme
Commander every 2nd Saturday of each of the following months: February, April, June, August,
October, December detailing what their chapter has been doing in the last months

SECTION FOUR: Assistant Department Chiefs
a) Each Department Chief can appoint an assistant to aid the Department Chief in carrying out his/her
responsibilities. b) The Assistant Department Chief is subject to all the requirements outlined in
ARTICLE TWO: SECTION THREE of this document. c) In the absence of the Department Chief, or in the
event of his/her death, inability or refusal to act, the Assistant Department Chief shall assume all
the duties and responsibilities of the Department Chief on an ACTING basis with vote status, until
such time that a new Department Chief is confirmed. d) An Assistant Department Chief can be
removed from office by the Department Chief or a simple majority of the EC for failure to perform
assigned responsibilities. e) The Department Chief shall be responsible for assigning
responsibilities to the Assistant Department Chief.
SECTION FIVE: ACTING Departmental Chiefs
Acting Department Chiefs are Department Chief’s who have not passed the “V” officers test yet,
or Assistant Department Chiefs who have taken over due to the death, resignation, or removal of
the Department Chief. Acting Department Chiefs are responsible for carrying out the above outlined
departmental responsibilities. Acting Department Chiefs do not hold a vote in the Executive
Committee. A member may only hold an Acting Departmental Chief position for a maximum of 6 months.



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