The Seekers are a race of non-player characters found throughout the Universe.
A colossal race of supremely intelligent beings that once acted as a Ruler Class over most other races in the known universe. The Seekers are now known to be extinct, and their existence and history is only hinted at by trace artifacts that float through the universe.



Physical Description

  • Core essence is depicted as a metaphysical entity comprised of energy.
  • Energy pulls together various parts to take a flowing, human-like form to interact and communicate with humans.
  • Typically assembles into a massive stature approximately ten times the size of a human.
  • Seekers are often portrayed as angelic beings with wings and intricately engraved armor, possibly explaining their association to religious figures.


The history of the Seekers themselves is a complete mystery. All that can be detailed is an account of the role that the Seekers played in the lives of humans long ago. The Seekers once served as a ruling class over humans and other races for thousands of years. They possessed an intelligence and technology that was incomparably advanced to that of the humans, which is most likely why they were perceived and worshipped as god-like entities. It is unknown whether the Seekers were truly merciful and kind or malicious and abusive towards their servants, but their depictions hint at a sense of awe and adoration from their followers.
It is thought that the Seekers served as the protectors of the humans by providing them with evolutionary catalysts and divine inspiration. At some point in time, the Seekers completely vanish from the history books due to an anonymous driving force or some cataclysmic event. Some believe that the Seekers were surmounted by an even more powerful race, but such theories are merely guesswork for their inexplicable extinction.

Characteristics and Tendencies


The Seekers are no longer in existence, but the abandoned ships of their primordial existence float through the galaxies, haunting them with their ghost-like presence. Their vessels still carry valuable resource payloads to an unknown destination as if the Seekers were still fleeing their coming demise from an unseen enemy.
Attacking these artifacts can perhaps shed some light on the mythological existence of the Seekers, and a better understanding and deciphering of their technology could potentially yield untold power and secrets.

Fleet Information

Type Appearance Lifespan (Hours)
Abandoned Cruiser Abandoned cruiser.png 42-66
Abandoned Warship Abandoned warship.png 30-54
Large Abandoned Warship Large abandoned warship.png 18-42
Abandoned Leviathan Abandoned leviathan.png 20-44
Large Abandoned Leviathan Large abandoned leviathan.png 16-40
Abandoned Colossus Platform Abandoned colossus.png 14-38


Seekers 1 bg.jpg Seekers 2 bg.jpg Seekers 3 bg.jpg
Seekers 4 bg.jpg Seekers 5 bg.jpg Seekers 6 bg.jpg


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