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Insignia Rank Percentile
Rank040 Supreme Conqueror Top Rank
Rank039 Grand Emperor 99.9%
Rank038 Emperor 99.5%
Rank037 Grand Warlord 99.0%
Rank036 High Warlord 98.5%
Rank035 Warlord 98.0%
Rank034 Supreme Commander 97.5%
Rank033 Grand Admiral 96.5%
Rank032 Fleet Admiral 95.0%
Rank031 Admiral 93.0%
Rank030 Vice Admiral 90.5%
Rank029 Senior Commodore 87.5%
Rank028 Junior Commodore 84.0%
Rank027 Master Commander 80.0%
Rank026 Senior Commander 76.0%
Rank025 Junior Commander 71.5%
Rank024 First General 67.0%
Rank023 Major General 62.0%
Rank022 General 57.0%
Rank021 Senior Brigadier 52.0%
Rank020 Junior Brigadier 47.0%
Rank019 Colonel 42.5%
Rank018 Lieutenant Colonel 38.0%
Rank017 Major 34.0%
Rank016 Star Captain 30.0%
Rank015 Senior Lieutenant 26.5%
Rank014 Junior Lieutenant 23.0%
Rank013 Sergeant Major 20.0%
Rank012 Sergeant 17.0%
Rank011 First Officer 14.5%
Rank010 Senior Officer: Class A 12.0%
Rank009 Senior Officer: Class B 10.0%
Rank008 Junior Officer: Class A 8.0%
Rank007 Junior Officer: Class B 6.0%
Rank006 Corporal Major 4.5%
Rank005 Corporal 3.0%
Rank004 Flight Specialist: Class A 2.0%
Rank003 Flight Specialist: Class B 1.0%
Rank002 Private: Class A 0.0%
Rank001 Private: Class B Newbie Rank


Insignia Rank Percentile
Rank031 Deus Class 100.0%
Rank030 Caesaris Class 99.5%
Rank029 Supremacy Class 98.5%
Rank028 Dominatus Class 97.0%
Rank027 Ruler Class 95.0%
Rank026 Animus Class 92.5%
Rank025 Master Class 90.0%
Rank024 Annihilator Class 87.0%
Rank023 Terminus Class 84.0%
Rank022 Omega Class 80.5%
Rank021 Elite Class 77.0%
Rank020 Conqueror Class 73.5%
Rank019 Shadowstar Class 69.5%
Rank018 Overseer Class 65.0%
Rank017 Champion Class 60.0%
Rank016 Exterminator Class 55.0%
Rank015 Destroyer Class 50.0%
Rank014 Alpha Class 45.0%
Rank013 Dreadnaught Class 40.0%
Rank012 Bane Class 35.0%
Rank011 Affliction Class 30.0%
Rank010 Destructor Class 25.0%
Rank009 Assassin Class 20.5%
Rank008 Bomber Class 16.5%
Rank007 Wrecker Class 13.0%
Rank006 Warrior Class 10.0%
Rank005 Battler Class 7.5%
Rank004 Militant Class 5.5%
Rank003 Pillager Class 4.0%
Rank002 Savage Class 2.5%
Rank001 Scrapper Class 0.0%
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